For over 12 years, swing traders have had a dynamic road map for tradeable support and resistance levels. Now, day traders can get the same edge. Knowing your levels is the key to consistency in a market with violent intraday swings. Forget manually drawing support and resistance lines. Everyone does that, so there’s no edge. That’s where you’re likely to get stopped out by AI trading bots. Don’t play their game!

With Micro Voodoo Lines®, you have a road map of dynamic buy and sell levels for the major stock indexes (and select stock symbols). Follow along as John Carter, David Starr, and Henry Gambell reveal exactly how they day trade these levels. Each has their own unique edge you can follow. This is your chance to be among the first to have the Micro Voodoo Lines on your charts!

When you sign up for the Elite Package you’ll also get five recorded live trading sessions with John Carter, David Starr, and Henry Gambell. Watch their screens as they target setups using the Micro Voodoo Lines®. During these sessions, you’ll see the different ways John, David, and Henry trade these dynamic levels in step-by-step detail.

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David Starr’s intraday Micro Voodoo Lines® are designed to expose dynamic support and resistance levels in the most actively traded stock indexes (and select stock symbols). Because the market is ever-changing, David updates the Micro Voodoo Lines® periodically. Available for ThinkorSwim and TradingView.


If you’re new to trading options and futures, these classes give you exactly what you need to know without bogging you down with confusing jargon or needless theory. You’ll learn the “Simpler way” to trade them so that you’re prepared to take full advantage of the new Micro Voodoo Lines Strategy right away.


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