John Heins – The Art of Value Investing

You know what value investing is: it’s how Warren Buffett made his billions. Perhaps you’re even familiar with value investing terminology, such as margin of safety and intrinsic value. And maybe you’ve already found success with value investing and know from experience that it’s the most reliable way to achieve market-beating returns and accumulate significant wealth. Congratulations!

Tren Griffin – Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor

Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway’s visionary vice chairman and Warren Buffett’s indispensable financial partner, has outperformed market indexes again and again, and he believes any investor can do the same. His notion of “elementary, worldly wisdom”―a set of interdisciplinary mental models involving economics, business, psychology, ethics, and management―allows him to keep his emotions out of his investments and avoid the common pitfalls of bad judgment.

Lance Beggs – YTC Price Action Trader

Intraday Swing Trading for the Forex, FX Futures and Emini Futures MarketsAre you sick and tired of the hype in trading education?Have you had ENOUGH of the lies of internet marketers – curve-fit strategies and forex robots which NEVER work in the real market environment.Isn’t it time you stopped chasing false promises, and LEARNT TO TRADE?

Peter Schultz – The Winning Secret Training

Peter has been showing self-directed investors how to trade successfully since 1996, and is a nationally known speaker on options trading, the author of Passage to Freedom, The Options Success Trading Package, The Winning Secret Trading Package, The Explosive Profits Package and The Greatest Options Strategies on Earth. He has also written several important short reports on innovative options techniques, and is a popular guest on radio and television talk shows pertaining to trading and the financial markets.

Guy Spier -The Education of a Value Investor

What happens when a young Wall Street investment banker spends a small fortune to have lunch with Warren Buffett? He becomes a real value investor. In this fascinating inside story, Guy Spier details his career from Harvard MBA to hedge fund manager. But the path was not so straightforward. Spier reveals his transformation from a Gordon Gekko wannabe, driven by greed, to a sophisticated investor who enjoys success without selling his soul to the highest bidder.

Don Kaufman – Set It And Forget It

In this two hour training class Don will share:
A consistent spreads strategy that you can use in all market conditions
Why you will never have to use a stop order with this strategy
A defined 1 to 1 risk reward strategy so you never lose sleep over your position risk again
Why buying long duration options will not cost you more so you can give yourself the gift of time without paying for it
How you can use “probability of touching” to determine the risk of your positions
You will get an online recording the same day as the course

Charles Cottle – Foundations of Options + Beginners Options Trading

The Beginners Options Trading Class that Only the Risk Doctor could Produce
This introductory video will create a foundation for anyone interested in learning options trading strategies.
Known for his high level insight into the complex fabric of options trading strategies, Charles Cottle creates this beginner course starting from square one: What is a Call? What is a Put?
After completing this course you will have the solid foundation to continue with more advanced options trading training.

Alexander Elder – The New Trading for a Living

The best-selling trading book of all time—updated for the new era
The New Trading for a Living updates a modern classic, popular worldwide among both private and institutional traders. This revised and expanded edition brings time-tested concepts in gear with today’s fast-moving markets, adding new studies and techniques for the modern trader.