Ultimate Breakout Pro

The Ultimate Breakout PRO is designed after real hedge fund breakout trading strategies with the goal to give traders a powerful strategy that shows where to enter trades (buy or sell short), where to place risk stops, and where to exit with profits.  Successful trading involves cutting losers short and letting winners run.  The Ultimate Breakout PRO is designed to exit losing trades super quickly and, at the same time, ride winners in order to maximize profits.

Our documented UBI trade alerts, which use the UBI signals, are up over 400% over the past 20 months showcasing the power of this professional trading strategy.  The UBI can be used to trade stocks, options, futures, and forex markets.

Simple Breakout Entry Signals

The UBI utilizes a simple breakout entry for buy and sell signals, making it easy to know where to enter every trade.

Simple Risk Stops

The UBI shows you exactly where to place your risk stop for every trade, allowing you to never let losing trades get out of control.

Powerful Trailing Stop

When it comes to letting winning trades run, the UBI includes a powerful trailing stop logic that is designed to maximize winning trade profits.

Why Big Winners are So Important

When it comes to successful trading, big winning trades are critical because they enable traders to pay for losing trades.  The UBI targets winning trades that can be 20x, 30x, or even 50x or more larger than average losing trades, which enables traders to achieve overall profitability.

Huge Winning Trade Potential – AAPL Trade Example

By allowing winning trades to develop, the UBI has the potential to lock in massive winning trades.  Using a time tested trailing stops is the key that allows market moves to develop over a period of time, with the goal of maximizing profits.  The trade example below in Apple (AAPL) show the potential of the UBI to achieve winning trades as large as 72X (seventy-two times) the size of average losing trades.

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