Watch Jeremy create about $20,000 in just about 20 minutes for ONLY $20!

Vintage TSU! Back for the First Time in 4 years!

Four years ago, the world was freaking out because of the financial crisis and corresponding market crash that was filling our TV screens and news outlets. It was against this backdrop that TradeSmart founder Jeremy Whaley revealed one of his favorite option strategies for volatile times – the Credit Spread.

To help promote the strategy Jeremy offered the program, $20k in 20 Minutes for only $20. However, doing live trade setups in class has never really been his thing and the last time $20k in 20 Minutes class was taught was in June of 2009. Since that time, thousands have asked for the program to come back, but Jeremy has been stubborn. Until now.

Based on some things Jeremy sees coming in the next few months, he has decided that now is an important time to bring the credit spread back. To help launch this, he is offering the $20k in 20 Minutes class once again. This will not be a recurring event.

Here’s What You Will Experience:

  • Basic Option Review

  • Option Selling Review

  • Components of the Credit Spread

  • Time frame for the Credit Spread

  • Live Trade Setup of Credit Spreads

  • By the end of the session, over $20,000 in premiums will have been written right in front of your eyes!

  • All this for only $20!

This event truly is a unique opportunity and everyone should  experience this vintage TSU program. For $20 you have nothing to lose!

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