In this class Bruce is going to share:

  • What stocks work best for MONTHLY income using a broken wing butterfly and how to find the good stocks and avoid the bad stocks.

  • How to set up a Broken Wing Butterfly so you know how to use it and why it works.

  • When to put on the trade and when to take off the trade to maximize your profit while minimizing your risk.

  • Step by step check list of how to put on the trade and take the trade off so you know exactly what to do.

  • The specific time you close the trade to protect you in a bad trade so your returns remain consistent.

  • How to avoid the most common mistakes people make when trading broken wing butterflies.

  • How to master the trade set up and manage the life cycle of the trade.

  • Get plenty of real world trade examples that will make you a better trader.

  • And much more…


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