Ricardo Naya Arboleya – Python for Trading & Investing

Learn to use Python for analyzing data and trade in Stock Markets
There are so many different trading or investing approaches as people in the market.
Many existing tools support the most common ones, but if you really want to success with an innovative practice, you have to build it on your own.
Due to its characteristics, Python is being adopted by the financial industry as its reference programming language.
But Python is not expensive as other financials tools are, in fact it is completely free. And it is not difficult to learn. So, why don’t give it a try?

Hari Swaminathan – IncomeMAX Spreads & Strangles Class – Options Trading Systems

OptionTiger IncomeMAX Strategies
The OptionTiger IncomeMAX strategies are powerful monthly income trading systems that give traders an “edge” on every trade. These strategies are a “trading system” on their own i.e. they combine the “Base strategies” with certain income producing mechanisms and adjustment tactics, all of which combined produce powerful results. There are two IncomeMAX systems – The IncomeMAX Spreads system and the IncomeMAX Straddles system.