TradingMarkets Professional Day Trading for Success Program – Includes Amibroker & Tradestation Indicators and Spreadsheets

This program is designed for both current day traders and those who are looking to make day trading their career. TradingMarkets Professional Day Trading for Success Program will be taught by CEO of TradingMarkets, Larry Connors. The research behind the program has simulated trading results showing gains in 97 out of the past 101 months.

What You Will Learn

This is a complete and comprehensive day trading program. Few other firms, outside of the major trading firms, who trade their own capital, can offer you a comprehensive program that enables you to trade more successfully. Throughout the program, you’ll learn:

•Trading news events, earnings reports, and pre-market economic reports

•Special situation and arbitrage situations that occur throughout the year

•Price Magnet Strategies – A special technique floor traders have used for years and continue to utilize

Most importantly, we will teach you 7 Long & 6 Short Quantified Edge Based Trading Strategies. You will learn ahead of time how to identify panic buying and selling and systematically trade in those conditions. This information is only known by a small group of professional traders and will be revealed to traders in TradingMarkets Professional Day Trading for Success Program.(2010 Price: $8,500)

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