In this class John Carter will share:

  • How hedge funds find their next big winner – and how to tell when they are about to pile in.
  • The 5 quick steps to narrowing down the universe of 14,000 stocks to 100 key candidates that qualify.
  • Why getting into a winning stock early has a huge psychological advantage and why most people utterly fail when it comes to holding onto a home run trade.
  • How “leveraging up” leads to exponential returns as the price goes up – without having to add new shares.
  • Why this is the perfect opportunity for people who work full time.
  • Why catching big longer term moves is nearly impossible to do with options.
  • How to identify when a normal swing trade can turn into a “hedge fund monster.”
  • How I turned my $5,000 IRA into $60,000 with this strategy while still in college, and why I almost named my first child after the key tool I used to “mine this gem” out of the stock trading universe.
  • You will get an online recording of the course, and DVDs of the full course.

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