Raising private money is about far more than printing out a pretty credibility packet. It’s about approaching private investors with confidence, preparation and the conviction you’ll protect their capital while delivering a healthy return on their money.

Unfortunately, many first time investors let the initial difficulty of learning how to find a private lender dissuade them. They often never get started in their investing career because they haven’t done their homework to figure out what they need to do when securing private lending for real estate.

Event Topics:

01. Introduction

02. Creating Your Ideal Experience

03. The Ideal Private Lenders

04. Finding Private Lenders

05. Raising Private Money

06. Hard Money

07. Change Status By Speaking

08. Investing With a Self-Directed IRA

09. Giving a Full Private Money Presentation

10. Pitching & Investment Buying Criteria

11. Benefits To The Lender

12. Recap


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