Simpler Options – Trading the ‘New Normal’ with High Frequency Traders

Trading the “New Normal” With High Frequency Traders
The candlestick patterns that no longer work.
Why everything you’ve been taught about placing stops is dead wrong and how you can avoid having them run by the HFTs.
The time frames that completely eliminate a HFT’s influence and which time frames are your absolute best friends against HFTs.
The specific markets the HFTs avoid and how to filter out the HFT’s “noise”

ClayTrader – Volcano Trading

What Is This Training All About?
Find Stocks BEFORE They “Erupt” to the Upside
The “breakout trade” can take many different forms, but with this strategy, you will learn how to use the psychology of the market in order to place yourself in areas where the Risk vs. Reward is most in your favor. By learning the psychology of the breakout, you will have a whole new perspective on not only ‘where’ big breakouts occur, but ‘why’ they occur.

Simpler Options – Options Income Generating Blueprint

In this 4 DVD course you will learn:
In depth look at John Carter’s Proprietary Setups Designed for Any Account Size
Step by Step Guide to Finding the Very Best Opportunities
Strategies for Identifying the Highest Probability Setups
Entry, Exit, and Stop Placement on John Carter’s Favorite Time Frames
Which Options to Trade, When to Trade, and How Much Size to Use
And much more…