Timothy Morge – Market Geometry

Timothy Morge has been a professional trader, author, educator and mentor for more than 35 years.Besides trading his own capital, Tim is President of Blackthorne Capital, a private money management firm that works with several of the largest non-U.S. Institutional portfolios. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, he managed and taught other traders for institutions like Commodities Corporation, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

The Price Action Room – Ten days Tape Reading

Twenty-four people were selected to attend this comprehensive 10 day workshop. They varied widely in their experience – there were 2 traders who had never yet placed a live trade, a 30-year S&P pit veteran trying to transition to the screen, and 21 others somewhere in the middle.
Despite the vast difference in experience and skill, they were there for one simple reason: they knew that understanding order flow was critical to their success as short-term traders.

Hari Swaminathan – IncomeMAX Spreads & Strangles Class – Options Trading Systems

OptionTiger IncomeMAX Strategies
The OptionTiger IncomeMAX strategies are powerful monthly income trading systems that give traders an “edge” on every trade. These strategies are a “trading system” on their own i.e. they combine the “Base strategies” with certain income producing mechanisms and adjustment tactics, all of which combined produce powerful results. There are two IncomeMAX systems – The IncomeMAX Spreads system and the IncomeMAX Straddles system.